About Us

About Us

Working in an engineering business and dealing with metal fabrication is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires experience, good research and great managerial skills to smoothly perform our business activities. Realizing this, we, Henan Kade Aluminium Cans Co., Ltd., efficiently perform all our business operations as a manufacturer and exporter. Aluminum Bottom End, Sleek Aluminum Beverage Can and Standard Aluminum Beverage Can are a few of many aluminum products we deal in. Keeping the sole motive of our company to make our customers happier, in mind, we follow a systematic work approach and timely complete all our orders. As a result of which, we have been winning the hearts of many. We are also known for following fair business practices and one can evident it from our large customer base. Today, tomorrow and always, we will be keeping up the expectations of our customers without compromising on our business ethics.

Research and Development

Having a steady growth in an engineering domain can be hard but not impossible. To grow slowly and steadily, we have been undertaking new work processes and strategies for developing better and newer aluminum products while innovating the ones that already exists. This is being the reason, we never stop investing in our R&D. At our company, we, with the help of our research analysts and developers, perform both types of researches including applied and basic. 

Customer Contentment

Customers are imperative for having a successful business. In the view of this aspect, we leave no stone unturned in bringing smiles to the faces of our customers. For the same reason, we work with the ideology of conducting customer satisfaction survey. And, with this survey, we well-understand the requirements of our customers and then, fulfill those in the best possible manner. Thus, providing our customers with Aluminum Bottom End, Standard Aluminum Beverage Can and other products, of grade-A quality.

Our History

It has been a glorious way all along since our establishment. Motivated by innovation, we have become one of the fastest growing businesses all over the world, offering our customers Standard Aluminum Beverage Can and other allied products made of high grade aluminum. Our milestones are tabulated below:




The establishment of our company was laid in Gongyi, Zhengzhou City, Henan.


Carried out first operation with our 1650 mm cold rolling production line.


Became a business of 500 employees and backed by enhanced production capacity, latest equipment, etc.


Began exporting variety of products including Aluminum Rolls, Aluminum Sheet, etc.


Expanded our export business worldwide and our foreign customers accepted our matchless product quality and service with all their hearts.


We continue to upgrade our product line. 5 hot rolling and 4 pieces of latest coating line.

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Contact Us

Greenland Center, Dongfeng Road,, Zhengzhou, Henan, 4150000, China
Phone :+8618939021026